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Poly Carbonate Roofing

Poly Carbonate Roofing in Chennai

Polycarbonate is a light weight component. It is durable and rigid thermoplastic which can withstand high as well as low temperature. They weigh roughly five times less than that of glass. Though poly carbonate roofing in Chennai are impractical to cover up the whole roof of a residential building it could be used for roofing balconies, glass houses, green house etc. Polycarbonate roofing sheets in Chennai comes with UV protective layers which sustains its durability. Polycarbonate roofing sheets are most famous amongst plastics manufacturing which holds multi purpose usage in making windows, beauty products, medical equipments, glasses etc. However, it extends its usage including residential and industrial purpose.

2 Main Types of PEB Shed Roofing in Chennai

  • Foam backed polycarbonate sheets
  • Clear polycarbonate sheets
      1. Foam Backed polycarbonate sheets:

Mainly for the industries like warehouses these type of polycarbonate roofing sheets are used. This type of roofing sheet is lightweight but of high durability hence used mainly for the industrial purposes.

      2. Clear polycarbonate sheets :

For those rooms that needs direct natural light, clear polycarbonate roofing sheets are used for instance, rooms like sun rooms, balconies, glasshouses, green house etc. Almost all the polycarbonate sheets are made with thin layer to protect the rooms from uv rays.

Advantages of Poly Carbonate Roofing in Chennai

Polycarbonate sheets holds a few advantages when compared to other materials such as plastics and glasses, they are:

  • Polycarbonate roofing sheets are non-toxic, lightweight, and stain resistant.
  • Due to its resistant and unbreakable virtuality, it is used in making bullet proof police barricades.
  • It is used in making canopies in commercial buildings, since it consists of UV protective layer.
  • It is easily transportable since it is lightweight which weighs roughly five times lees than that of glass.
  • They are easily injection folded as it liquifies instead of burning while high temperature is applied. They can be virtually recycled.
    • In recent years, it is has become more popular in which overtook the place of plastics or glass materials used in the green house due to its high durability, better insulation behaviour, shatter resistance, UV protective layer and quicker installation properties.