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Roofing Garden

Popularity and Significance of Roofing Garden in Chennai

A green environment set up on top of roof makes up roofing garden which gives any kind of building a decorative benefit. Apart from this, it can provide any kind of vegetation, improves air quality and minimises overall heat. Especially in urban areas, there is a rise in temperature which makes enormous usage of energy, hence a natural set up of roofing garden in Chennai has become quite popular as it reduces the overall heat and saves energy.

Significance of Roofing Garden in Chennai

A new generation of roofing contractors and builders have discovered a wide significance of roofing garden in Chennai as well as other features of roofing Garden.

Saves Energy

Virtually in all urban areas, there is an increase in temperature which makes the environment hot. It substantially consumes more energy as in usage of air conditioners and other cooling devices work harder and longer resulting in actual strain on electrical grids . However roofing garden in Chennai can make ease of this situation on all kind of buildings which makes the environment relatively cool than before.

Architectural Benefits of Roofing Garden in Chennai

How many of us are aware of the fact of expansion and contraction of roof? Yes, during summer the roof gets expanded and in cold weather, the roof shrinks due to the direct exposure to sun. Roofing garden helps in expanding the roof life when compared to the buildings with bare roof.

Improved air quality

Roofing garden in Chennai causes decreased emission of greenhouse as it helps to minimise the distribution of dust in the air through the green plants and through the natural process of making its own food called photosynthesis. To note down a positive effect to roofing garden in Chennai, a set up in just one building does not help. It would possibly bring down a notable difference if roofing garden is done through out the city.

Urban Vegetation

Lack of enough space and high price on land has minimised the practice of vegetation in urban areas. Here comes the role of roofing garden in Chennai, making the age old practice of vegetation possible. How many of us practically make use of roof tops in an useful way? Actually a very few. Roofing gardens comes into picture when utilised properly, it gets the irresistible promise of recreation, calm existence, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Maintenance of Roofing Garden

There are many types of roof gardens where, each and every type needs to be maintained in a proper way. During the initial stage of designing a roof garden, it is mandatory to follow a proper schedule to maintain it. Roof check and gutter check twice a year to be done for a proper maintenance. Prevention to be made to control the seepage of drains and growth off weeds. Impact of water quality to be reduced by minimal usage of fertilisers. If these basic maintenance are properly done, all the benefits of roofing garden could possibly be noted.